Las Vegas could be the place to go to celebrate the official launch of Minecraft.

Though Minecraft has been available to play for a while now, it’s technically still in beta. Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson announced that Mojang is aiming for an official release of 11/11/11, but that day may come with more than just a special update. Persson is holding a poll to see if enough fans would want to travel to Las Vegas on November 11 for the first official Minecraft convention, called MinecraftCon.

On his blog, Persson writes that all of Mojang would travel to Vegas to help launch the game in style. They’d go live on stage and make a big hullabaloo about the game’s official release, while there’d also be Minecraft-themed contests (cosplay, building contests, etc.), Q&A sessions, food, drinks, debauchery (probably), and all sorts of blocky fun.

Persson theorizes that an event like this could cost around $90 per person, not including hotel or travel costs. The planning of the event is still very early, and Persson wants to know if anyone would even go. He set up a poll here to gauge interest.

MinecraftCon is still just an idea in Persson’s head, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. With over 2 million copies of Minecraft sold in beta, I somehow don’t think he’ll have trouble finding a few thousand people that’d want to attend. Oh, the wonders of an incredibly successful indie studio!

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