NPD Sales Chart Puts Wii Back on Top in October


After no small amount of confusion, the NPD Group has released the console sales numbers for October, showing Nintendo elbowing its way back to the head of the sales chart line.

Nintendo took the top spots in the list, with the Wii leading the way with 519,000 units sold, up from September’s total of 501,000 units, followed by the DS handheld system, which actually slipped to 458,000 units from the previous month’s 495,800. The Xbox 360, minus any Halo 3 release this month, tumbled precipitously from its September sales of 527,800 units, with 366,000 units out the door.

Sony once again rounded out the bottom of the chart, with its PlayStation Portable handheld selling 286,000 units, virtually unchanged from September’s total of 284,500 units. PlayStation 2 unit sales declined somewhat from 215,000 in September to 184,000 in October, possibly slowed by Sony’s announcement of a new and lower-priced PlayStation 2 system coming in 2008. It once again managed to stay in front of Sony’s next-generation offering, however, as the PlayStation 3 brought up the rear with 121,000 units sold, a marginal increase over the 119,000 PlayStation 3 systems put out in September.

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