Nvidia’s Tegra K1 Chips Are Absolute Speed Demons


Both K1 variants blow by Qualcomm, Samsung competition.

Nvidia Tegra K1 AnTuTu MyDrivers

If AnTuTu benchmarks are to be believed, the K1 mobile chips from Nvidia are the fastest SoCs around.

MyDrivers (via Neowin) posted the AnTuTu numbers, and both K1 variants scored incredibly well. The 3 GHz, 64-bit dual-core variant scored 43,617, while the 32-bit quad-core version (speed unknown) topped it with a score of 43,851. In comparison, the new Snapdragon 805 and 801 chips clocked in at 37,780 and 36,469, respectively. The 805 is expected to be used in at least one version of the Galaxy S5.

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chips pack 192 CUDA GPU cores, and either two or four ARM CPU cores. The reference device seen in the AnTuTu benchmarks has a 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM, and is running Android 4.2.2.

The high numbers are sure to pique enthusiast interest, and it’s only good news for those seeking high-performance 1080p (and beyond) devices.

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