Obama: Your Friendly Neighbourhood President-Elect


Two heroes meet after defeating their arch-nemeses. One of them is Spider-Man.

January 14th sees the release of Amazing Spider-Man #583, in which Spidey is joined by Barack Obama. In a dastardly plot, the Chameleon wants to be sworn in as President. Can our web-slinging wall-crawler save Obama?

Whilst this may seem like a publicity stunt, caricaturing presidents is something old hat to the likes of MAD magazine, though it generally ends up in lampoonery – see Jedi Bush in Robot Chicken, or B.L.A.I.R. 1 in 2000 AD.

John F. Kennedy also helped to save Superman’s identity back in 1963, but in one of those horrible twists of fate the comic was released on the last week of November 1963.

The Spidey issue, selling for $3.99 at comic-book specialty shops, is expected to be an instant sellout, especially because the Obama cover, by Phil Jimenez, is limited to half the run. Given that Obama himself is a big Spider-Man fan, you can expect a lot of them to be shipped directly to the White House.

Source: USA Today

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