Whether you approve of Obama’s plans to expand Medicare and Metapod, this is a hilarious video that poses the question: Can people on the street tell the difference between the health care debate and Pokemon?

When the young men in the video above took their camera onto the streets, their goal was simple: They were going to start off asking questions about the health care debate in America, and gradually shift to asking questions about Pokémon. It’s hilarious; just watch the damn video already.

We can just walk into any Pokémon Center we please and get our Pokémon healed for free! That’s socialism! I demand an expansion on the private Potions market so that we can treat our Pokémon however we choose out of our own money. Instead, our hard-earned Pokédollars are going to inefficient government employees all named Nurse Joy who will indiscriminately heal Pokémon – even if they come from other regions like Sinnoh, Hoenn or Orre!

How are small-time Gym Leaders supposed to afford Chanseycare for all of their trainers and Pokémon? Badges aren’t cheap, you know! On the other hand, I think that Brock Obama should listen to that Professor Oak guy – he seems to know what he’s talking about.

Ah, the debate is pointless. Everybody knows that the Rhyperlicans and Demochatots are both just in the pocket of the Silph Corporation anyway.

(Let’s keep the comments free of political flaming, shall we? The video is hilarious and all in good fun.)

(Via G4TV)

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