Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian Entertainment has reportedly laid off several employees.

Long-serving Obsidian veteran Akil Hooper, who worked as a designer on the 2010 release Fallout: New Vegas, recently revealed via Twitter that he’d fallen victim to layoffs. “11 years, nearly a dozen shipped titles, Designer, Lead, Producer. 1 cancelled game, survived 7 layoffs, 8th got me,” he wrote. “Not a bad track record.”

But he’s not the only one who’s been cut loose, according to a message on the Obsidian community forum. Jason Fader, a producer and programmer on New Vegas, is also gone, as is Ashley Betters, an in-house tester who tweeted, “No longer work at Obsidian. I guess this means I will have to start buying my own pens.”

Joe Sanabria, art director at Obsidian and Lead Artist on Fallout: New Vegas, has updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect the fact that he’s no longer with the studio, while Obsidian Creative Director Chris Avellone recently updated his own LinkedIn page with recommendations for Junior Designer Jessica Johnson, Junior Designer Sydney Wolfram, Associate Producer Theresa Kanae Treadwell, Design Interns John Lewis and Ryan Zingler, and Environment Art Intern Rose Gomez, all of whom have apparently been let go.

In terms of sheer numbers the cuts are relatively small but it’s still a very sad situation, especially for long-serving employees coming off a big hit like New Vegas. We wish all the best to everyone affected.

via: Gamasutra

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