Oculus DK2

The Oculus Rift VR headset is selling incredibly well, with 45,000 preorders for the DK2 alone alone.

There’s a lot of eyes on the Oculus Rift right now, whether we’re discussing its ability to buy controller manufactures or the increasing number of games that support it. What’s especially impressive is that the consumer version hasn’t even released yet; the only Rifts you can currently purchase are those designed with developers in mind. Perhaps that means customers simply tired of waiting, because according to Oculus, the total number of units sold has surged to over 100,000 so far.

According to a post on the Oculus VR forums, the Rift Dev Kit 2 now sits at approximately 45,000 pre-orders, compared to the 65,000 DK1 sales 10,000 of those are expected to ship this month with units reaching developers by July 14th. There’s still no word on when the consumer version will reach store shelves, but the dev kit is available to anyone with $350 to spend.

All told, that’s quite an accomplishment for a product that hasn’t officially launched yet, and suggests that the consumer model will get strong support when it does. How high those sales figures will reach when on launch day is anyone’s guess, but given Facebook’s decision to buy the company, I’m guessing it’ll be pretty steep.

Source: Gamespot

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