Official Mega Man Board Game Kickstarted in One Day


Publisher Jasco nets more than double its $70,000 asking price with more than a month left to go.

An officially-licensed Mega Man board game has already blown the doors off its Kickstarter goal, after only being on the site for a day. With 36 days to go, contributors have already pitched in more than $187,000, more than doubling the original goal of $70,000. The game is designed for two to eight players, with one taking on the role of Mega Man while the others control Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters attempting to stop the Blue Bomber. Publisher Jasco, makers of the “Universal Fighting System” collectible card game, describe their project as a “side scrolling board game.” Play progresses through the various stages of the Robot Masters, with players using decks of cards to navigate challenges or create new ones for the Mega Man player to overcome. And, true to the games, if the Mega Man player can best one of his foes he’ll walk away with their signature abilities in tow.

Stretch goals already unlocked include card add-on packs for characters such as Ice Man, Fire Man and Elec Man. Also unlocked are additional Mega Man models and an entire expansion based around Guts Man, which will include a new stage, figure and deck of ability cards. The next stretch goal will unlock at $210,000, though no description for it was available on the Kickstarter page.

The game is set to be released October of 2014. A pledge of $70 will get U.S. backers a copy of the game. The board game can also be sent to Canada or Mexico for an additional $15 in shipping. Sales are limited to North America due to Jasco’s licensing agreement with Capcom. Jasco took the project to Kickstarter so they could get funding for extra material and a more polished product, according to their page on the site. It also gave fans of the series “a chance to show their support for Mega Man and be involved in this exciting process.”

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