Official World of Warcraft Armory App Hits iPhone


WoW players with iPhones can do away with crummy third party Armory apps, as Blizzard has released their official World of Warcraft Mobile Armory application, and it has everything you need to keep up your addiction on the go.

You know you’re really addicted to a game when you think about it most of the time you’re not playing it. That’s how people get hooked on WoW – when they’re not even in-game they’re browsing WoW wikis, looking up items and armor they want, and, probably more often than anything else, checking out Armory profiles to see other people’s gear and rankings.

Blizzard just made it a whole lot easier for iPhone owning WoW players to do all that with the release of their World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod Touch. There are already a whole slew of similar applications out there, but none of them are as nearly fully featured as Blizzard’s app is. In addition to letting you browse characters, items, guilds and Arena teams, the app has a calendar for tracking your in-game events, achievement-point leaderboards, a talent calculator, and “much more.”

I quit World of Warcraft a long time ago, but when I first made the upgrade to iPhone, I still installed an app that let me look at my characters’ Armory profiles. It’s nice to be able to take out your phone at any time so you can show off your characters. Really handy for seducing the ladies when I’m at the club.

The Mobile Armory is free to download and currently only supports iPhone and iPod Touch, though Blizzard says that “additional mobile devices may be supported in the future; distribution details and cost may vary for each platform.”

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