Offworld Trading Company Adds Support for Steam Workshop Mods

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Modders will now be able to have their way with Offworld Trading Company thanks to the addition of Steam Workshop support.

We’re big fans of modding here at The Escapist, and whenever we see a game adding support for them, we cheer. The latest game to add Steam Workshop support is Stardock and Mohawks Games’ space trading simulator, Offworld Trading Company.

The update adds support for players dig into the game’s XML files, allowing them to modify settings for buildings, resources, and units. It also allows experienced modders to dig deep and make changes on the code level as well. As Soren Johnson, president of Mohawk Games and lead designer on Offworld Trading Company, said of the update, “advanced coders can write their own code that will execute right alongside the game’s code.”

For those who are new to the world of modding, Mohawk Games lead programmer Jason Winokur has created three videos to help you get you acclimated. You can find the first video below, and you can find part 2 and part 3 on the Mohawk Games YouTube channel.

You can find the mod link right in the main menu of Offworld Trading Company. If you find a truly great mod, let us know what it is in the forums!

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