Though King of Fighters XIII won’t hit shelves until next week, Atlus has already revealed what’s in store for the game’s first round of downloadable content.

Specifically, that means a classic incarnation of fan-favorite fighter Iori Yagami. From Atlus’ press release:

The most prominent of the DLC is the fan favorite “Iori with the Power of Flames” character from the franchise’s popular ’98 iteration, scheduled to release on 12/7 for 400 MS Points/$4.99.

Less prominent additions include “a trio of system themes” and downloadable keys that unlock game content that would otherwise be inaccessible to players until they achieve certain in-game goals. If I had to guess, this would things like hidden characters, playable bosses and alternate costumes.

As for when these other add-ons will be available, that remains a mystery, though Atlus promises to offer up that information and pricing details just as soon as it can.

Having read the above quote regarding the classic Iori, many fighting game fans will be wondering whether the character is an entirely new addition to the game modeled on the KoF’98-era Iori, or if it’s a simple palette-swap for the KoFXIII Iori.

Obviously the moveset is the really crucial part of the DLC character, but the series has seen a pretty severe aesthetic evolution over the past decade and a half. At least in theory, this add-on character could be either bafflingly retro or so similar to his modern counterpart as to be utterly boring. We’ve sent an email to Atlus asking for more details on the character, but have yet to hear back.

Until we have more info, temper your excitement.

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