Old Spice Guy Appears in Mysterious Superhero Video


Look down, back up, now look again, the Old Spice Guy now has skin as hard as diamonds.

Isaiah Mustafa, perhaps better known as the Old Spice Guy, has not been shy about his desire to play a movie version of the superhero Luke Cage, and now it seems like he’s getting his wish. Well, sort of, as this movie, which presents itself as a trailer for a much longer film, seems to be homemade.

Luke Cage was notable for being one of the first African-American superheroes to get his own monthly comic. In the comics, Cage was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and in order to get an early parole, he agrees to take part in an experimental procedure. The procedure is supposed to make him immune to all disease, but naturally things do not go as planned, and rather than make him germ-proof it gives him super-strength and unbreakable skin. Cage escapes from prison and sets himself up as a hero for hire, taking cases like a super powered private detective.

The video clearly isn’t an official Marvel production – there’s nowhere near enough branding for that to be the case – so it’s something of a mystery as to exactly what it is. It’s possible that Mustafa put it together himself as some kind of audition tape or demonstration that he’d be good for the role, not too dissimilar from what Kevin Tancharoen did with Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. Whether it will actually land him the part – and a Luke Cage movie is supposedly in development – remains to be seen, but it looks like he’d be a pretty solid choice.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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