Old Spice Guy Returns Via Your Facebook (or Twitter) Feed

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The Old Spice Guy will return just in time for the Super Bowl, and he could make his re-debut on your social media page.

Last year’s “Old Spice Guy” advertising campaign, starring actor Isaiah Mustafa, has been called the most successful social-media-driven ad campaign of all time. It started almost a year ago when the first ad aired on Super Bowl Sunday, and peaked in July where Mustafa answered Tweets with 183 unique video replies – including one to LoadingReadyRun’s very own Kathleen. The storm of social media generated a staggering 35 million views in just one week.

Actually, it culminated in October with the Sesame Street parody, but I digress.

According to marketing news site Clickz, Mustafa and the Old Spice Guy campaign are set to return almost a year to the date after the original commercial aired – with an interesting social media twist.

A series of three new commercials are set to air on TV starting February 7th, but one lucky Old Spice “superfan” will be given the chance to air the commercial privately on his or her social media profile of feed of choice before they’re ever seen on the airwaves. That’s a pretty interesting strategy, and the desire to be one such superfan might generate enough pre-campaign buzz that the campaign could be worth it before it even starts.

I mean, of course smelling like the most refreshing places on earth is worth it. Smell like a man, man!

(Pick me, Isaiah! Pick me!!)

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