One Piece Odyssey - Reunion of Memories Trailer Reveals Straw Hat Crew DLC Story with an Evil Lim

One Piece Odyssey – Reunion of Memories Trailer Reveals DLC Story with an Evil Lim

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer ILCA have revealed One Piece Odyssey – Reunion of Memories as DLC for its turn-based One Piece video game. The trailer accompanying today’s reveal promises add-on content that will tell “one final hidden mystery” for players who picked up the game when it launched earlier this year. The DLC seems to focus on Lim and an evil, hooded doppelganger that has taken on her appearance. It’s a mysterious video that teases just enough of the story without giving too much away. One Piece Odyssey – Reunion of Memories has no release date but is expected to launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S sometime in the near future.

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For more on how Reunion of Memories will expand the world of One Piece Odyssey, you can read the summary from Bandai Namco and watch the DLC announcement trailer below:

The famous pirates are finally resting after their unbelievable adventures on the island of Waford and in Memoria, the world made of their memories. But as they celebrate their last night together before sailing away, a girl who looks like Lim appears dressed in black clothes with her hood pulled over her face, holding a sinister black cube in hand… But who is she? The Straw Hat Crew will be forced back into Memoria and transported again to Alabasta, although it seems different from last time, and the cube needed to escape has disappeared!

One Piece Odyssey took the Straw Hat Crew back to the world of gaming with turn-based combat and a story thought up by franchise creator Eiichiro Oda when it released on January 12. Its fantasy adventure gave players dozens of hours of content to explore as they learned to control each member of the anime pirate gang. Now, with One Piece Odyssey – Reunion of Memories DLC on the way, players will have even more to uncover. For now, it is unclear if Oda also created the DLC’s story, so stay tuned for more details as we wait for a release date.

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