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One Punch Man: World Brings Free-to-Play Normal Punches to PC in 2023

Crunchyroll & Perfect World Games will bring free-to-play multiplayer action game One Punch Man: World to PC & Android / iOS mobile in 2023.

Publisher Crunchyroll Games and developer Perfect World have revealed plans to bring free-to-play action game One Punch Man: World to PC, iOS, and Android sometime in 2023 (via Gematsu). This adaptation of the anime it is based on is a multiplayer title that sees players suit up as familiar heroes like Genos, Speed-O-Sound Sonic, and Mumen Rider in order to take down invading monsters. Players can level up their heroes as they ascend the ranks by taking on missions and teaming up for big raid battles. As revealed in the One Punch Man: World gameplay trailer, the game will send heroes fighting through iconic moments from the show’s first season. See the action for yourself in the video below.

Crunchyroll Games general manager and Crunchyroll senior vice president of emerging businesses Terry Li spoke on the title in a press release: “The most ambitious Crunchyroll Games title to date, One Punch Man: World is an immersive online action game that transports players into the universe of One-Punch Man. The game, developed by Perfect World, brings iconic characters and abilities to life with premiere production values that we are excited to unleash on anime fans and gamers.”

Part of what makes One Punch Man: World Crunchyroll’s most ambitious game release to date is its combat system. Perfect World has created an “intricate” combat system that asks players to perfectly dodge attacks, execute combos, and use ultimate abilities that are uniquely fit for each hero. Although many of its battles are inspired by moments from the anime, the team ensures that these reimagined scenarios will offer a new perspective on the story. Additionally, in-between it all are side missions and activities scattered throughout Z-City.

One Punch Man: World will have cross-platform play and cross-progression for PC and mobile when it launches in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America, and the Nordics later this year. For more on One Punch Man: World, you can head to its website for preregistration and read the story synopsis below:

Heroes are needed in One Punch Man: World! A sinister wave of monster attacks has left Earth’s cities and the Hero Association under duress. However, after three years of special training, Saitama has become so powerful that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. The thing is, Saitama just does the hero thing for fun, but when every enemy goes down in one punch, overwhelming power can be kind of… boring. Now, in front of the laid-back strongest hero, a new enemy appears. Will he be able to show his full power today?

Notably, Perfect World Games is also developing Persona 5: The Phantom X.

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