OnLive Offers $10 Monthly Cloud Gaming Plan


OnLive doesn’t charge a monthly fee for use of its cloud gaming service, but it is going to be offering a monthly flat rate for unlimited play of select titles.

OnLive, the world’s first cloud gaming service, has expanded its offerings once again with the hope that it’ll gain a broadened appeal in 2011. After unveiling a $99 MicroConsole in November that allowed the PC and Mac service to be used through a television set, OnLive has revealed the details for a new “PlayPack” plan that offers unlimited access to a certain number of titles for a monthly fee.

OnLive once proposed charging a monthly fee to all users, but dropped the idea because users also had to pay for the service’s games. The PlayPack flat rate will charge gamers $9.99 a month but offer “free” access to “recent, classic and indie titles” when it officially launches on January 15.

For now, OnLive is doing its dedicated users a solid and allowing free PlayPack access on 14 titles (as of this writing) that include World of Goo, Prince of Persia, and F.E.A.R. 2 to anyone that has ordered an OnLive MicroConsole through January 14. OnLive says it’ll be filling out its PlayPack offerings in the coming weeks and MicroConsole owners will have free access to all of games added.

Newer OnLive game releases will typically be in its PlayPass plan, where users must purchase or rent them, but sometimes they’ll be included in both plans or eventually migrate to the PlayPack over time. $10 per month is a pretty small price to pay if the PlayPack ends up including a decent selection of games. At the worst, it ends up being a pretty easy-to-use rental service for the time you choose to subscribe.

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