The original DigiDestined will return in Spring of 2015

Japanese media giant Toei announced over the weekend that a new series in their long-running Digimon anime franchise would debut in 2015 – and that it would see the return of characters from the original 1999 series that started it all.

At an event celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first series, which began the ongoing Digimon multimedia powerhouse, Toei revealed that the next anime series would return to the story of characters from the original two series/seasons, many not seen since the end of the second series in 2001. The brief video accompanying the announcement (later posted to Toei’s YouTube channel) describes “New stories for all the DigiDestined in the world,” and specifically highlights Taichi “Tai” Kamiya, who will appear in the new series as a 17 year-old High School student still accompanied by his Digimon partner Agumon. It has not yet been revealed which (if any) of the other original “DigiDestined” heroes will appear.

The original Digimon Adventures, based on a popular line of virtual pet toys, followed a group of schoolchildren who could travel to an alternate Digital World, where they allied themselves with small creatures called Digimon whom they could induce to evolve into larger and more powerful forms in order to battle threats to both worlds. The story continued into a second series, before the franchise went in different directions (with new casts, continuities and status-quos) in subsequent installments. The new series (which does not yet have an official title) is scheduled to debut in Spring 2015.

Source: Toei

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