Own This L4D Tank Statue for an Epic Price


Gaze in terror (and/or awe) at this amazing statue of a giant zombie, but don’t even think about buying it unless you’re willing to throw down some serious cash.

Collectible videogame statuettes are often hastily thrown-together pieces of plastic that are casually tossed into Limited Edition game packages. As a game journalist, I’ve received several of these figurines over the years that promptly broke (due to cheap manufacturing), were lost, or simply given away. However, this statue of the Tank from Left 4 Dead 2 looks anything but disposable. Unfortunately, quality costs money, and this ain’t cheap.

The statue is from Gaming Heads, a subsidiary of the IP Factory, which makes high-end collectible items. Gaming Heads, it seems, is currently only working on Valve-related products, since its two statues for sale are this fine representation of the Tank and some upcoming versions of Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2.

Everything about Gaming Heads’ products looks and sounds incredibly high-end. According to the product description for the Tank statue:

In order to create the most accurate statue, we have used the actual game files. He measures approximately 15 inches tall, including the base. Comes packed in a foam interior full colored box with a validation card which ensures your product is genuine. Highly limited at only 300 pieces available worldwide. Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards.

The regular run of this statue will sell for $299.99, while the “exclusive” version of the figure (read: first run) will sell for $324.99 and comes with a to-scale pump action shotgun.

I have to say, this is a pretty impressive-looking collectable, though I’m not sure I’d be willing to throw down 300 bones for something that would probably frighten off my dates when I bring them home.

Source: Gaming Heads (thanks to The_root_of_all_evil for the tip)

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