It might not be quite as chilling, but this faithful Minecraft rendition of the Silent Hills demo shows serious dedication.

Sure, you may have experienced the nightmarish loop of P.T., preferably at night with all the lights off, but have you experienced it Minecraft-style? YouTuber Trislux has recreated that godforsaken hallway–which you will see over and over again–in the massively popular world-building game. The resulting video shows a pretty good adaptation, although it doesn’t quite match the tense atmosphere and frightening moments of the actual Silent Hills demo.

The slow pacing, strategically placed doors, and repeating scenery are nice touches, though it’s just not the same without a crying fetus in the bathroom sink. The ambiance created by the few sound effects helps create an atmospheric vibe. Overall, it’s a creative way to play Minecraft, and it’s great that the community is still coming up with new ways to create three years after the game’s initial release.

Of course, this isn’t the first time another property has been made by avid Minecraft fans; BioShock Infinite‘s Columbia and the film Spirited Away also received the Minecraft treatment, to name just a couple. With so little details having been revealed about Silent Hills, this video is a nice reminder of the buzz created by that one vague playable teaser. One can only hope that Silent Hills, whenever it comes out, will also be worthwhile enough to be recreated in another game.

Source: YouTube via Polygon

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