Pacific Rim Virtual Reality Combat Simulator Available at Comic-Con


Legendary Pictures and Oculus want Comic-Con attendees to “drift with the rift” in Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot.

San Diego Comic-Con attendees have the chance from today through Sunday to become Jaeger pilots for a brief period in Legendary Pictures and Oculus’ Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot. The virtual reality combat simulator allows players to control Gipsy Danger to fight against the kaiju Knifehead.

The promotional video for the event unfortunately does not give an example of what to expect from the cockpit of a Jaeger via the Oculus Rift. Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot uses the same assets FX studio Industrial Light & Magic used for the movie, and it’s built in Unreal Engine 4.

The Jaegers of Pacific Rim are giant robots used to fight monsters threatening to destroy the world. Two pilots fight together, but they must be able to drift together – to move in sync and think in sync. Gipsy Danger is the American, mark-3 robot first seen in the beginning of the film. Hopefully pilots at Comic-Con will fare better.

The VR demo will be available all every day of the show at Legendary’s booth #3920.

An X-Men VR demo is also making a presence at Comic-Con this weekend. Players will act as Charles Xavier using Cerebro, a device that amplifies his telepathy skills, to search for Mystique.

Source: Legendary Pictures


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