Page And Dafoe Talk Beyond: Two Souls Character Development


A father figure with agendas of his own goes head to head with the girl who can’t grow up like other girls.

Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream’s latest, is fairly story-heavy, and you can’t have a call to adventure without a hero to hear it. Hence Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, the two actors cast as the leads in this interactive drama, who’ve been talking about their on-set experiences for a while now. This is the latest development diary, and if you’ve ever wanted to know what happens when two actors at the top of their profession find themselves in a world utterly foreign to them, here you go. One caution: while there are no spoilers here, it does go into some detail about the leads’ characterization; if you were hoping to go into this blind, maybe you shouldn’t watch it.

“I’m having a good time on this, and I think it’s a beautiful story,” Dafoe said a while back, and clearly he’s still enjoying himself as the surrogate father with an agenda of his own. “The concept is huge,” Page says, “there’s incredible action … but there’s also this beautiful drama within it.” The story follows Jodie (Page) through the early years of her life, as she struggles with her odd relationship with the entity Aiden, the lion in a cage who can’t break free of her. This is the last game musical composer Normand Corbeil worked on before his death from pancreatic cancer, which – in a peculiar way – is congruous, since writer David Cage intends this to be a story about death “as a physical reality, that can be explained.”

This one’s due for PS3 on October 8th.

Source: PlayStation 3 YouTube channel

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