Mindware Studios has released a demo for its upcoming infernal FPS, Painkiller: Overdose.

Painkiller: Overdose will feature more of the frantic demon-killing action seen in the original Painkiller, but instead of Daniel Garner, this time the player will take on the role of Belial, a half-demon, half-angel gatekeeper. The game features six new weapons and over 40 hell-spawned monsters, and will take place over 16 all-new levels.

The game originally began development as a fan-made project, but caught the eye of Painkiller publisher DreamCatcher Interactive, who were so impressed with the work-in-progress they offered full financial and technical support to the project. The company says this new chapter in the Painkiller saga will tie up loose ends, and also bridge the gap between the original release and possible sequels.

The demo is 750 MB in size, and can be downloaded from Fileplanet, 3D Downloads, FanGaming and GameSpot. Painkiller: Overdose is set to launch for the PC on October 23.

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