Preorders are available for the former PS3 exclusive, and you’ll get a digital soundtrack for the effort.

Papo & Yo is a great recent example of how games are definitively art. Inspired by creative director Vander Caballero’s childhood, the game uses adventure-based puzzles to tell a moving story about child abuse, creativity, and innocence. Papo & Yo was originally a PS3 exclusive, but developer Minority has revealed that the PC version is set to launch in just a couple of weeks. Pre-orders are available from various digital distributors at a 10% discount, while the full soundtrack has been thrown in as an early buyer bonus.

Players take on the role of Quico, a young boy whose best friend is a huge creature named Monster. Despite the pair’s affection for each other, Monster also happens to be addicted to poisonous green frogs, which transform the kind-hearted pal into a violent, uncontrollable beast. When Quico learns that a shaman might be able to cure the addiction, the pair set out on an adventure to save Monster and their friendship.

The PC version has a few upgrades distinguishing it from the PSN predecessor. The control system, one of the biggest drawbacks in our review of the game, has been reworked and improved. Full controller support will be included via Steam’s Big Picture Mode, allowing players to use the controller of their choice. A variety of graphical upgrades been added, ranging from more detailed character animations to improved cinematics. Finally, Papo & Yo for PC supports multiple monitors, although how that will affect gameplay remains to be seen.

Papo & Yo for PC launches April 18th for $15, or you can pre-order now for $13.49. The game can be purchased via Amazon, Desura, GamersGate, and Green Man Gaming, and of course, Steam.

Source: Minority Blog

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