Paramount Delays Two Upcoming Horror Movies (Again)

You’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see two upcoming horror movies.

It was just last month that the trailer for Rings was revealed. The film, originally titled Rings 3D, had been delayed several times before, but it looked like we finally had a release date that was set in stone. That is no longer the case.

Previously scheduled for the weekend before Halloween, Rings will now – assuming nothing changes for what feels like the tenth time – open on February 3, 2017. Taking a horror movie out of October doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but there are a good number of horror/thrillers already scheduled for October – including Ouija: Origin of Evil, which is coming out the week before.

In news that might come as more surprising – depending on whether or not you’ve been following the production history – the next chapter in the Friday the 13th series has been pushed back from January 2017 to October 13, 2017. Yes, they pushed it back in order to release it on, you guessed it, a Friday the 13th. And in October! Double whammy.

The catch here is that the new film has to be released sooner than later. Paramount bargained with Warner Bros. for the rights – something about getting a piece of the Interstellar pie – but much like Fox does with the Fantastic Four franchise, it has to actually make movies or else the rights get relinquished. That deadline is running out – which should never be the case when it comes to a slasher movie. If you can’t get “guy in hockey mask murders people” done after years, you might want to rethink this whole “making movies” business.

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