Pay What You Want for Over $1,400 Worth of Ethical Hacker Training


Ethical hackers are more in-demand than ever…and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Launch your lucrative career in ethical hacking and penetration testing with the nine-course bundle we’ve put together. Usually selling for $1,431, you can pay what you want for it at Escapist Deals.

Beat the average price and you’ll get all nine courses in the bundle. Learn how to monitor networks, crack passwords, hack into hardware, and more with the hands-on training. You’ll learn essential skills and tools like Scala, Go Lang, Haskell, Django, Lisp, building GUIs in Linux, debugging, and more.

Already know your way around some of the topics covered in the bundle? Stay below the average price and you’ll get just the Go Lang and Scala courses, helping you master two powerful programming languages that’ll serve you well throughout your career.

Don’t miss this deal-pay what you want for the Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle at Escapist Deals.

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