Payday 2 Launches With Balletic Violence Trailer


Ahh, music soothes the savage breast, silenced pistol or no silenced pistol.

One oddly soothing trailer, and we have a robbery: Payday 2, the steal-and-shoot co-op title from 505 Games, is out in the wild world. Today is the Steam launch, tomorrow the PSN, and before you know it retailers will have it on their shelves. Crimenet encourages you to rob banks with friends, but bear in mind that if you get too enthusiastic with the shooting, you may end up on the wrong end of someone else’s shotgun.

You play as one of four character types, the Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician or stealthy Ghost, and level up your character by successfully completing robberies. Note the successful in that sentence; even if you have got the drop on Mr FBI Man, chances are you’re not going to enjoy the rest of your day if things have gone that far. “Check it out!” 505 enthusiastically Tweets. Mod your weapons, design your own masks, and off you go; it’s like being a real criminal, except without all that pesky jail time.

This one’s a digital and physical release for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Remember, only the digital PC version is out today. The rest follow later, and by Friday 16th all the versions will be out there.

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