PC Gamers: No Night Vision Goggles For You


In a surprise blow to PC gamers with fat wallets and a penchant for covert ops, it looks like the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is only being released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Yes, that Prestige Edition: The one that comes in a special SteelBook metal case with custom art, a hardbound art book, a downloadable copy of the original Call of Duty and the most insane part of all, the fully-functioning night vision goggles. Activision announced the ridiculous (and ridiculously cool) Prestige Edition earlier in July, setting a new standard for over-the-top special edition releases that come packed with crap that may only be tangentially related to the game but is nonetheless just too damn awesome not to have.

But PC gamers may have to get used to not having, in this case at least: GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy all have the Prestige Edition listed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but give no indication of a PC version; the best option available to the mouse-and-keyboard crowd at the moment is the Hardened Edition, which doesn’t include the goggles.

It could be an oversight similar to the short-lived PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 rumor but if not, it’s a rather odd omissions. PC gamers are generally regarded as being more willing to blow huge wads of cash to feed their habit than their console counterparts, so why deny them access to a game that requires both a hefty surplus of cash and a complete lack of discretion about what to do with it? This kind of collector’s edition is practically made for the PC side.

Personally, I’m clinging to the hope that Activision is holding back on the Prestige Edition because it’s planning to announce an even more amazing Ultra Mega Edition, which will include not only the night vision goggles but also a laser microphone and an HK G36 with custom Infinity Ward finish. Hey, dare to dream, right? We’ve contacted Activision to ask about the Prestige Edition for PC and will post an update when we hear back.

via: GameDaily

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