PC Mod Adds Co-op to Super Mario 64


Sixteen years after its release, Super Mario 64 gets two-player online co-op.

Before Super Mario 64 was released in 1996, Nintendo was working on cooperative gameplay that would have let two people play together as Mario and Luigi. Ultimately, it was released as a single-player game alongside the Nintendo 64. More than sixteen years after its release, a modder called Skelux has added co-op to Super Mario 64, so that Mario can finally play side-by-side with… Mario.

Sadly, Luigi is still absent from this modded version of Super Mario 64; instead, Mario’s co-op partner is another Mario, only this one sports black overalls instead of blue. Two people can play together locally or online, or a solo gamer can “control both players for an added challenge.” The video, created by Skelux, shows off some modified co-op gameplay, which has been made available to download. Naturally, it’s only available for a PC emulator version of Super Mario 64.

It’s unclear if both players share lives like in the New Super Mario Bros. series, but there appears to only be one set of lives in the video gameplay. The video also doesn’t show what happens if the two Marios wander too far away from each other, which seems like it could be problematic. Still, this is an ambitious project that appears to have worked, and it’s interesting to see what the classic single-player game looks like with a player two.

Source: GameSpot

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