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Peacemaker Season 2 Confirmed at HBO Max

Peacemaker season 2 confirmed HBO Max James Gunn John Cena

The final episode of Peacemaker airs on HBO Max tomorrow — but only the final episode of season 1, it turns out. HBO Max and series creator James Gunn have announced that Peacemaker season 2 is officially happening, bringing back star John Cena for “more peace.” It is probably safe to assume that Christopher Smith will not be killed off in the new episode tomorrow.

When Peacemaker was first announced, it didn’t feel like there was much buzz surrounding the show. After The Suicide Squad underperformed at the box office despite a strong reception from critics, it seemed even more like Peacemaker was destined for obscurity. But then the show actually arrived, word of mouth was great, Darren Mooney loves it, and here we suddenly are with Peacemaker season 2 in development.

Peacemaker could have been a fun but throwaway screwball comedy with some action injected. Instead, James Gunn has gone on a cerebral and empathetic exploration of a character who was otherwise a killing machine — while still keeping the comedy. And as Darren has noted, the series creates a dialogue, figuratively speaking, with the iconic series Watchmen, just as Super did before it. If anything deserves a crack at a season 2, it might as well be Peacemaker.

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