PEER Organization Forming – Industry’s First Union?


I stumbled upon a Slashdot posting earlier today talking about the Professional Electronic Entertainment Recruiters Organization, which some are calling the industry’s first union, an idea I talked about before somewhere.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but after looking over the charter, it seems to be a group of headhunters forming a pact between industry recruiters and workers. The organization will only represent employers who follow a set of guidelines, and they’ll only represent wouldbe employees who follow the same set. If that’s so, it’s good to see people at least trying to keep employees from working 80 hour weeks in “crunch time,” and making sure employers can hire good people, all with one set of standards.

I’ve contacted them asking for more clarification – expect something on them soon, be it here in The Lounge or in the main mag.

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