Peggle Coming To iPhone In March


Extreme Fever! PopCap‘s Peggle, otherwise known as the most addictive game this side of World of Warcraft, will be coming to iPhone in March.

Here in sunny California we have a couple of laws that went into effect in the last 12 months or so: you cannot talk on a handheld cellular device while driving, and you cannot send text messages while driving.

Well California legislators may have to add another law to the books soon enough: No Peggling while driving. PopCap’s Peggle, that devilishly addictive game where you shoot the ball to hit the pegs and make the Beethoven song come on, will be coming to iPhone this March.

The announcement came by way of PopCap’s official Twitter, which had an update that read “Peggle for iPhone planned for this year as well.” Shortly thereafter, the company deleted the update, and when contacted for comment by Game|Life, replied: “We’re not saying anything more at this time, sorry…soon, but not quite yet.” Well, apparently “soon” means less than a day later, as Joystiq is now reporting that PopCap has confirmed with them that Peggle iPhone is “launching in early March.”

PopCap also announced that they’d be bringing a number of other titles to Apple’s handheld, though they were mum with specifics. Also unclear is which version of Peggle iPhone owners will be getting a taste of: a port of an older game, a port of the most recent Peggle Nights, or maybe a new one altogether? In any case, 2009 looks to be the year of Peggle with the Xbox Live Arcade and DS versions also making their debuts in March.

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