Persona 4 Trailer Shows Off HD Moves


Atlus wants to make sure you haven’t forgotten Vita’s Persona 4 Golden is due November 20th.

Persona 4, the PS2 JRPG that’s overdue for an HD remake, has a new trailer to remind North American Vita fans what to look forward to when it finally reaches them on November 20th. Monster fighting, lots of it, but also social interaction, mystery solving, and, of course, Teddie, your little stuffed bear pal who needs you to get off your butt and do something heroic.

The HD Vita remake is due November 20th. The Vita version won’t be a straight remake; there’s extra content, a new opening video, the snazzy bike seen in the video – cavalry attack, eh? At least he’s wearing a helmet – more personas, and other extras for your entertainment.

The original Persona 4 featured you and your high school friends fighting enemies in a bizarre TV world adaptation of reality. Someone in that TV land is killing people in the real world, and it’s your self-appointed task to put an end to their activities. Your social links with your high school peers really made a difference in TV land, encouraging you to interact with your buddies when in the real world, solving their life crises so that, as a team, you could win the day.

Source: Game Informer

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