The latest installment of the Persona series will launch in Japan in Winter 2014.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is a delightfully bizarre half-RPG, half-dating sim Japanese video game series produced by Atlus. The last installment, Persona 4, was released for the PS2 way back in 2008, and the fate of the series was somewhat in limbo after Atlus’s parent company sold off operations earlier in the year. Thankfully, after much teasing, Atlus has now officially announced Persona 5, coming to Japan in Winter 2014 for the PS3.

“You are slave. Want emancipation?” asks the short 56 second teaser trailer that accompanied the reveal, proving that without a shadow of a doubt there isn’t a single native English speaker on Atlus’s payroll. Unfortunately, that’s about all the trailer has going for it, as the rest of it is simply throwing up some credits of people working on the game accompanied with images of chairs shackled to ball-and-chains.

It’s unfortunate that the game is only coming to PS3 just as the PS4 is coming out, made only worse by the fact that the PS4 doesn’t do backwards compatibility. I guess you Persona fans best hang on to your PS3 a little bit longer.

Nonetheless, it is exciting to see that Atlus was able to pull through its financial trials, and find a backer for its popular Persona series.

Source: Persona 5

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