Legendary developer Peter Molyneux will attend the What Would Molydeux? Game Jam to scout talent for his new start-up.

Isn’t it fascinating how things work out? In November 2011 Peter Molydeux, a Twitter parody of famed game designer Peter Molyneux, was forced off the internet because Lionhead worried that people were confusing Molydeux with Molyneux; in March 2012, the Molydeux Game Jam, which aims to bring to life some of Molydeux’s wildly bizarre ideas [survival-horror bowling, anyone?] has become an international, real-world event. And now, as icing on the cake, Molyneux himself says he’s going.

“I’ll be there as long as I’m not a distraction,” he told Vox Games, confirming his presence at the Friday night launch of the event in London. He’s not going to make games, however, but to scout talent for 22 Cans, the new start-up he announced earlier this month.

“I’m going there because I love those sort of things,” he said. “But I’m also going to be looking and hoping to find some amazing people.”

What Would Molydeux? events are now being held in astonishing 28 cities around the world. What would a game in which you can only progress during one minute silences, forcing you to find creative ways to keep the nation having one minute silences, be like? Maybe we’ll find out! The What Would Molydeux? game jam begins at 7 pm EST on March 29 and runs for 48 hours. To learn more, check out the new site at

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