Peter Molyneux

The 22 Cans man also said there’s a good possibility that the great secret of Curiosity will be revealed on the same day.

There was a time when Peter Molyneux, as the top cheese muffin on the Lionhead pile, was a pretty big cog in the Microsoft machine. The publisher described him as “one of our most passionate and influential developers” when he left to join 22 Cans, and Molyneux himself said he had “mixed emotions” about his decision to move on. Still, move on he did – but not, it would seem, completely out of sight.

Molyneux will likely turn up at the announcement event for Microsoft’s next console, although in what capacity remains a closely-guarded secret. “There’s this opportunity that’s come up for me to be involved – it’s not from Microsoft, by the way – in the Xbox announcement, and I’m probably going to take up that opportunity,” he told Eurogamer. “I’m sworn to secrecy here. It should be really good fun, and maybe slightly contentious.”

“Slightly contentious” would seem to be right up Molyneux’s alley, given how aptly it describes pretty much everything about the man. Speaking of which, he quickly muddied the waters by insisting, somewhat ominously, that while he will probably take part in the Microsoft announcement, he won’t actually appear on the stage. “I can categorically say, I’m the last person they will want on their stage,” he added.

He also claimed that based on an analysis conducted by 22 Cans founder and CTO Tim Rance, the probability is that the secret of the Curiosity cube – which, you will recall, Molyneux promised will be “life-changing” for whoever discovers it – will be uncovered on May 21, the day of Microsoft’s big reveal. He insisted the timing is “pure luck” but then added fuel to the rumor fire by saying what an awful lot of people are likely thinking.

“I suppose the conjecture of there being something to do with the Xbox in the middle would be on everyone’s minds,” he said. “If I give any clues then the amazing fact that it hasn’t leaked out – because I’m just such a blabber mouth – it would be such a shame if that was the case.”

Oh, Peter. You are such a tease.

Source: Eurogamer

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