Phil Harrison Talks ’06 and Future


Phil Harrison, lead of Sony’s worldwide studios, sat down with MTV to discuss some of the events of 2006 and why “video games” need to go.

“I fervently believe that the biggest challenge we face is that our industry is referred to as ‘video games,’ and games are supposed to be fun,” Harrison said. “Games should deal with fear, should deal with comedy and with death. They should deal with peril, with drug offenses.”

When asked if a name change to “interactive entertainment” would help, Harrison was dubious. “I’m not sure how we can escape when the leading brand is called PlayStation.”

While the interview avoided questions about the PS3 almost entirely, they did get into the PSP and the Nintendo DS. “Nintendo should be congratulated,” he said, admitting that the DS is bringing a lot of new customers into the gaming market. “They are our customers of tomorrow.”

Source: MTV

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