GameX, a consumer show and pop cultural festival held in Philadelphia, PA, announced its choice of game consumer media partner for this year’s show, none other than your very own home-away-from-home: The Escapist.

Don’t you hate it how it’s always the West Coast that gets all the cool shows? E3, BlizzCon, PAX, ComicCon (well, okay, I guess there’s one of those over here now, too…) Well, we Easterners are slowly but surely getting our very own set of festivals celebrating our choice of pop media – and one of them is GameX, held this October in Philadelphia, PA.

GameX, which is short for “Games and Media Expo,” describes itself as a “national game consumer show and ‘pop culture’ festival.” Despite the prominent word ‘Game’ in the title, it’s primarily a celebration of all things nerd: Games, Film, TV, comic books, tabletop gaming, et al. The only thing missing is the LARP (though I guess they’ve got a Cosplay contest, so we’re halfway there).

So, if you’ve got a growing festival devoted to geeky pop culture – especially games – you want a fitting media partner to help cover the gaming end of things, right? So, you choose someone completely awesome … like The Escapist.

Y’know, I never like to be the one to toot my own horn, so why not let them do it for us? Here’s the full official press release:

Philadelphia, PA—Thursday, May 28, 2009— GameX (Games & Media Expo), October 23-25, 2009 in Philadelphia, today announced its media partner in the game consumer marketplace, The Escapist, a leading video gaming destination offering video game enthusiasts high-quality, innovative and exclusive content. The Escapist will serve as the exclusive game consumer online media partner to GameX, with significant pre-event promotions and on-site presence at the main event.

The Escapist‘s role as media partner provides GameX with access to a highly active online community of more than three million video game enthusiasts through cross promotional advertising leading up to and during GameX. At the intersection of online publishing and community platforms with unique social media elements tailored for its audience, The Escapist has more than doubled in size within the last year and boasts over 28 million page views each month.

Honored with both a Webby Award two years in a row in 2008 and 2009, and Webby People’s Voice Award in 2008, The Escapist is also responsible for the web’s most viewed video game review series, Zero Punctuation, starring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, in addition to introducing the first-of-its-kind Internet Film Festival for Gamers and the March Mayhem game developer competition.

Presented by NBC Local Media in Philadelphia, GameX is a high-visibility entertainment, tech and media show with games as its main attraction. Designed to appeal to local, regional and national audiences of game players, film and TV fans, comic book buffs and tech enthusiasts, GameX features pop culture elements such as advance film and TV screenings and trailers, celebrity guest appearances, high stakes game tournaments, robotics demonstrations, animation festival and competitive art exhibit, video art installations and much more. The Escapist will cover key GameX show announcements over the coming months.

Alex Macris, CEO and co-founder of Themis Media, publishers of The Escapist, offers, “We designed The Escapist to be an interactive community for and by video game enthusiasts. GameX is providing the kind of game consumer experience that appeals to our highly engaged and diverse consumer audience.”

Fiona Cherbak, vice president of business development for GameX, adds, “From their top-notch editorial content to their massive online community of dedicated gamers, The Escapist was the right choice as a media partner for GameX and NBC. We look forward to their energetic participation at GameX, as well as their pre-show promotional support.”

Now, Philly is home to The Escapist’s very own Susan Arendt – and it’s not far from New York and New Jersey – the former stomping grounds of Escapist staffers Tom Endo and John Funk, respectively.

Maybe we’ll see you there!

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