Our first look at Pikmin 4 gameplay is here from a February Nintendo Direct trailer, revealing ice Pikmin and a July 2023 release date.

Our first look at Pikmin 4 gameplay is here as part of the February Nintendo Direct, revealing an unfamiliar protagonist, some familiar Pikmin, a whole new way to play, and a Nintendo Switch release date of July 21, 2023. In the footage, a new pink-haired main character can be seen teaming up with Nintendo’s latest adorable puppy friend, Oatchi. With them comes some of the same red, blue, and yellow Pikmin that players will remember from previous games. However, they’re joined by new ice Pikmin that will be able to freeze bodies of water.

Despite a large number of returning features, Pikmin 4 already looks like the biggest change the series has seen since it first started on GameCube back in 2001. This crisp-looking sequel will see players interacting with the environment in creative ways as they ride Oatchi across ponds (puddles?) and use their Pikmin to group up and tear down structures. Today’s footage is just the tip of the iceberg, too, as the end of the trailer teases enemies that grow stronger at night, signaling another big shakeup for the series, which traditionally sees players retreat once the sun goes down.

You can watch the Pikmin 4 gameplay below. Keep an eye out for more footage and additional details as we get closer to that July release date.

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