The Swiss version of is now carrying a listing for Pinnacle Station, the latest and greatest sign that the long-awaited second DLC for Mass Effect is on the verge of being released.

After months of surprise silence, the appearance last week of new Achievements indicated that the second piece of Mass Effect DLC was finally on the way. Details were pretty much non-existent but the requirements of each Achievement indicated that early descriptions of the expansion were correct.

Expectations that the new DLC could arrive at any moment have now been bolstered even further by reports that it actually has arrived, sort of, on the Swiss version of The website has a listing for a $5 add-on for Mass Effect called Pinnacle Station, which is apparently a space station with “13 exciting battle scenarios” adding 2-3 hours of gameplay. There is one restriction, however: Players must become Specters before they can travel to the station.

Questions about the validity of the entry arose from the fact that, according to some reports, the availability date of the DLC was listed as June 16; now, however, Pinnacle Station is “veröffentlicht” (which, so Google says, means “published”) on August 24. Which is today – so keep your eyes peeled!

via: GameFocus

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