Pirates Force D&D Books Offline


Wizards of the Coast, the current owners of the Dungeons and Dragons license, is stopping all of its digital sales after it discovered that piracy doesn’t just happen to videogames.

Long before there was digital copies, people were using photocopiers to create pirated e-books, but with PDFs, all you need is a P2P client.

Things to a head on Monday when Wizards’ Beholder-Lawyers (see Monster Manual IX) took on eight individuals, alleging copyright infringement for distributing illegitimate copies of the recently-released Player’s Handbook 2.

Given that the Handbook usually retails for $34.95, Wizard pulled all of its PDFs off sale until the company can find a way of making its digital copies secure, which may mean DRM on your PHB.

Legal online retailers were given 24 hours to remove their downloads, as Wizards had to “take care of all the crazy action going out there”.

Source: The Register

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