Pirates of the Burning Sea Sets Sail

Following a long wait, the sea-faring MMOG Pirates of the Burning Sea has finally set sail.

Produced by Sony Online Entertainment and developed by Flying Lab Software, the game, which features pirates and naval combat, has been made available for release at retail outlets and via download for $50 with a monthly subscription fee of $15.

“After years of hard work by our top-notch crew, we are thrilled to announce players can now conquer the virtual Caribbean, circa 1720, in Pirates of the Burning Sea,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software in Seattle. “Working together with SOE’s Platform Publishing, we are able to launch this game simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe and release localized versions in English, French, Spanish and German, allowing players from all over to captain a ship in this world full of swashbuckling and high-seas adventure.”

After starting a character, a gamer can join one of the European powers or a “pirate nation” in a 1720s setting.

Between sword fights on land and firing cannons at sea in PvP battles, players can also engage in the in-game economy involving mines, mills and shipyards, producing the war material needed to conquer the Carribbean.

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