Planetside WAR! The Escapist is Victorious!


After almost a month of training in SOE’s PlanetSide, The Escapist met on the field of battle against Boing Boing Offworld and Rock, Paper, Shotgun to determine the winner of PlanetSide WAR!

After the dust settled and the sound of 50mm rounds and bombs stopped ringing throughout the air …The Escapist emerged victorious!

We would like to take this moment to thank everyone who participated in the PlanetSide WAR! and made it such a great community event. Stay tuned for an awesome video portraying our final day of WAR! in the very near future.

Also, we would like to thank KOSS for hooking The Escapist staff up with HQ2 gaming headsets. I have to say it truly made the experience better through in-game sounds and the chatter over Mumble. For those of you asking for the link to what we were using, please check them out here which is a review from CNET.

Thank you again for everyone that put in the hours to help us level the competition. It was almost as if they weren’t even there!

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