If ever you’ve wanted a talking zombie of your very own to play dress-up with, Popcap has an app for you.

Plants vs Zombies, the brain-munching, pea-shooting, tower defense game from Popcap, has a new way for you to spend those pesky in-game coins that clutter up your account. It’s come up with the Talking Zombatar, a free-to-play app that gives you a pet zombie of your very own. It talks, it wears hats, and its crazy antics can be shared with friends via Facebook and email.

The video is self-explanatory, but what it doesn’t tell you is that you can buy extra items for your little pal in Crazy Dave’s store. “Better yet,” said Popcap in a press release, “once you dress your zombie in his fun-dead finest, you can take photos of you and your zombie, shoot videos with him, and hear him repeat your words in Zombie-ish.”

This is free-to-play with a microtransactions subtext; Crazy Dave is a filthy capitalist and wants all the contents of your wallet, but one of the nicer things about Plants vs Zombies is the ease by which the player can earn in-game coin. You can spend real world money if you really want to, but if you’re so fond of the game that you want a pet zombie, you probably already have a Zen Garden and several means of farming in-game loot.

Plants vs Zombies is by far the best-selling title in Popcap’s stable, so there are plenty of potential customers for Talking Zombatar. Something similar was available as an unlock for the PC and Vita Game of the Year edition, but this app is intended for smartphones and tablets. What hasn’t been said is whether, as with the Game of the Year edition, your Zombatar will replace the flag-bearer zombie during the arrival of large waves of attackers. No word on a release date, beyond “PopCap expects [Talking Zombatar] to be available later this year.”

Source: Joystiq

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