The British games magazine has warned readers to “prepare to be bored” by PlayStation Home.

The magazine had summer access to Sony’s PlayStation Home virtual world, but found the experience less than thrilling.

Load times, it seems, are an integral part of the Home experience. According to the article, “For every new building that we entered, a 30-50mb additional update was needed, which was a little bit frustrating- why not condense everything into one 500mb download, and cut out the middleman?”

Don’t worry visitors; there’s no rush to meet with anyone. Home‘s empty servers turned the bright, open world into “some kind of nightmarish, Sony-generated Dystopia,” and a bit “Orwellian.”

Not everything Play wrote was negative, though. When attending a Sony-sponsored event with thirty or so other early users, the staff was surprisingly able to engage in a few “non-terrifying conversations with other people.”

“Were we hanging around with friends, rather than folk we’ve never met, the Home experience would surely be richer and more fulfilling,” Play concluded. Home is still in its extended beta.

Source: CVG

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