Play Games With A Super Nintendo Controller Again


Some things that we loved back in the day belong back in the day forever (we’re looking at you, mullets). But others, we miss. A lot. Sorry, we can’t bring your old Beanie Baby collection back, but we have something even better-your old Super Nintendo controller, with a modern twist. Get the SNES30 Bluetooth game controller for $29.95.


With its classic gray body and purple buttons, the SNES30 looks like a replica of the Super Nintendo controller of your youth. But this one supports both Bluetooth and USB, making it easy to adapt it to use while playing your favorite modern games-the best of both worlds. You can use it for up to 20 hours before recharging, and the battery will recharge 1,000+ times.

Told you it was even better than Beanie Babies. Get the SNES30 now for $29.95.

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