Play Magic with the LoadingReadyRun Crew


Canadia’s favorite sketch comedy group will be playing Duels of the Planeswalkers on the PlayStation Network this Thursday.

All seven members of LoadingReadyRun will be signing into PSN on Thursday as part of Wizards of the Coast’s program allowing celebrities to play Duels 2012 and trade Magic secrets and stories while hanging out in PlayStation Home. Head over to the Magic the Gathering area of Home this Thursday Aug. 4th between 4pm and 6pm Pacific time to talk to Graham, Paul, Kathleen and the rest of LRR. They will be accepting challenges in Duels 2012 so you can test your skills against some internet celebrities, or maybe even team up with them for an Archenemy match or 20.

“We’re all super thrilled and honored that Wizards invited us to do this. We’ll be hanging out and chatting with anyone that’s interested,” Kathleen De Vere said.

“People are always telling us they wish they could play magic with us and this is a great opportunity to do so,” said Graham Stark. “We’re all big fans of the game. I really like Duels because it’s a lot of fun playing with a combination of new stuff and older cards I wouldn’t normally see, so we’re all really looking forward to playing with our fans.”

“Some of us may present a bigger challenge than others. If you’re a new player I don’t know if I’d start with Alex,” Kathleen De Vere warned.

“Be prepared to be crushed like bugs … or at least for me to attempt to crush you like a bug. It may not work out that way,” said Paul Saunders.

Again, the event takes place on Thursday, August 4th between 4:00PM and 6:00PM, Pacific Time. Follow LoadingReadyRun on Twitter (@loadingreadyrun) for updates, but look for the following PSN IDs when you get into the Magic section of PlayStation Home:


To some, Magic the Gathering is a kid’s game. Maybe it’s the card artwork or the myriad of counters, stones or dice used by players to keep track of how many 2/2 Cats are spawning each turn. But for people who embrace the turn-based game’s logical gameplay with a fantasy flair – say, like me – playing Magic with friends is fabulous way to spend an evening. It’s even cooler when you get to play with people you respect as artists … and hope to whip their butt.

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