Play Minigames on Your Fallout 4 Pip-Boy With These 5 Holotape Locations

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As if there wasn’t enough to do in Fallout 4, now you can play minigames on your Pip-Boy, but only if you’re able to find rare holotapes. Don’t miss out on these simple arcade games, hunt down all five holotapes with our locations list.

Games like ‘Zeta Invaders’ and ‘Pipfall’ can be your’s by extracting holotapes from computers, or by discovering ‘RobCo Fun’ magazines that litter the Commonwealth. Every RobCo comic is located in a mandatory location that you’re bound to visit in your travels across the Boston wasteland, and they’re still easy to miss.

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Minigame Holotape Locations Guide

There are five minigame holotapes in Fallout 4 — usually mimicking well-known arcade-style games from the Atari era. They can be played on your Pip-boy or any computer terminal. Just load the holotape of your choice to begin playing.

  • Red Menace: Vault 111 – The first minigame holotape is found in the same vault you wake up in at the start of the game. It’s found in the cafeteria computer terminal. Log in and select to eject the holotape to add it to your inventory.
  • Atomic Command: Museum of Freedom – After the early game introduction, you’ll move on to explore Concord. Once the raiders are taken out, you’ll meet the settlers holed up in a room upstairs. Look on the computer desk and grab the magazine to acquire the Atomic Command minigame holotape.
  • Zeta Invaders: Diamond City – Check out the Valentine Detective Agency for a ‘RobCo Fun’ magazine. As you enter, it’s on the desk in the back-right corner of the main office.
  • Pipfall: Fort Hagen – While on the quest ‘Reunions’ you’ll enter the Fort Hagen Command Center and deal with a boss character. There’s an Institute terminal and desk in the center. Grab the ‘Robco Fun’ magazine to get Pipfall.
  • Grognak the Barbarian: Goodneighbor – Following ‘Reunions’ you’ll need to return to the seedy town of Goodneighbor. Another ‘RobCo Fun’ magazine is located in the Memory Den basement. There’s a small room with two pods and a desk with the magazine.

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