Play Miracle of Sound in Rock Band


Now you can use your plastic guitar to play along with Gavin.

The music game genre has pretty much busted, but Harmonix still adds to the list of available tracks to download for its Rock Band franchise on a regular basis. In the last few weeks alone, bands like Korn, the Edgar Winter Group and even the pop duo Hall & Oates have made their way onto the Rock Band Store. But while you may want to take a Freak on a Leash for a Free Ride with a Maneater, there’s a better option for those of us who’d rather rock out to nerdier fare.

That’s right, one of Gavin Dunne’s original compositions for Miracle of Sound is now available for Rock Band for a cheap 80 Microsoft points. Go download the first song Gavin posted on the forums here at The Escapist “Gordon Freeman Saved My Life” right now.

It looks like Gavin’s first track on Rock Band is a bit of a test. If enough people are interested and download “Gordon Freeman Saved my Life,” he will consider adding the rest of his songs. “Yes, other songs will be going on Rock Band too if this one does well,” Gavin said on Twitter last night.

If you’ve already rocked out to Miracle of Sound on Rock Band – hopefully singing your ass off and shredding like Gavin – and had a good time, you might want to tell him about your experience. Send him a reply on Twitter, or head over to his Facebook page to leave a comment on what track of his you’d like to see on Rock Band. I personally want to try my hand at Redemption Blues.

Until then, you can download “Gordon Freeman Saved My Life” on Xbox Live here.

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