Play Skyrim on Your Graphing Calculator


An ambitious TI-84 tinkerer has developed a mobile version of Skyrim that lets students Shout during math tests.

Bethesda’s ability to cram all of Skyrim on one disc is pretty darn impressive, but as skilled as its development team may be, porting the mammoth RPG to anything mobile would be downright impossible without making one or two (hundred) critical changes. That math runs double for a device not even designed for gaming, so the possibility of Betheda making an official version of Skyrim for something like, say, a calculator, seems about as likely as Ulfric Stormcloak making out with General Tullius. But, if the idea of never being able to absorb a dragon’s soul with your trusty TI-84 has been bringing you down, then say h3110 to YouTube user no9sniper.

Mr. no9sniper obviously hasn’t recreated the full Skyrim experience, but he has done a somewhat remarkable job considering the hardware constraints. Players are able to choose their names, one of three races, and what to do within the troubled land of Skyrim. While there, math-minded Dovakhiins can shop for goods, look for quests, and smite bears, giants, and other pugnacious fiends of the frozen wilderness between reciting the quadratic equation in their head and trying to remember why someone needs to Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

All in all, the game is pretty cool for being on a calculator. It may play more like Zork than the Skyrim you’re used to, but that’s not such a bad thing. After all, a calculator game is supposed to distract you for the fifteen minutes after finishing a test, not the whole of your high-school career. If you’re interested in giving no9sniper’s unique take on The Elder Scrolls a try, you can download all of the necessary files for free here.


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