PlayStation 4 “Final Design” Still in Development


Don’t feel too bad about not seeing the PlayStation 4 during Sony’s big presentation this week – the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan hasn’t seen it yet either.

You may have noticed something a bit odd about Sony’s big PlayStation 4 reveal a couple nights ago, specifically that Sony didn’t actually reveal the PlayStation 4. We looked at a few games, heard a lot about strategic redirectioning and got some big news about Blizzard and Bungie, but the box itself was nowhere to be seen. Not that it really matters – what it looks like has absolutely zero bearing on how well it actually works – but it was still kind of weird.

But if you are disappointed that you haven’t yet been able to lay eyes on the thing, you can take some solace in the knowledge that you’re in pretty good company, because neither has Hiroshi Kawano, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. “If I’m being honest, I also haven’t seen its final design,” he told 4Gamer. Even the controller was a mystery to him until the last minute; he said he’d seen numerous prototypes and “heard that an onboard touchpad was in the final specs,” but only saw the final design about a day before the presentation.

Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Jack Tretton said in a separate interview with All Things D that the “final specs and design” of the console are still in development but added that like many others, he didn’t consider it a big deal. “For most people, it’s behind a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere and you spend all your time looking at the screen. And we wanted to show people the screen,” he stated. “There will be multiple opportunities to share the look of the console between now and the launch.”

Source: Kotaku

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